The Shed BBQ

Oh Baby Baby Backs


Prep time : 1 hour 30 minutes
Cook time : 4 hours +



  1. Heat smoker to 250F.
  2. Remove membrane so that seasoning can penetrate the meat. Rub both sides generously with The Shed BBQ Rib Rub.
  3. Let the meat and seasoning marry for at least one hour. We recommend you take this time to throw back some iced tea or beverage of choice.


  1. Place ribs in smoker for one and a half hours. Again, iced tea time!
  2. Remove, then wrap in foil.
  3. Put back in smoker for three hours or until they are as tender as you like them.
  4. Remove top with ShedSpred and place back in the smoker for 10 more minutes.


Get Fed!