The Shed BBQ

Hobson’s Wood Fired Turkey Recipe

BBQ Turkey

Cook Time : 25 minutes per pound at 250. Internal Temp must be at least 165.



10-14 lb Turkey

1 lb salted butter

1/4 cup Renes Season-All

The Shed’s Chicken Rub

The Shed’s Rib Rub

1 bottle Fowl Play Marinade Strained


Thaw turkey

Heat grill or smoker to 250

Remove gizzards and neck, wash turkey and pat dry.

Mix 1 lb melted salted butter, 1.4 c Rene’s Season-All and 1 bottle of Fowl Play Marinade strained.

Inject mixture into breast, legs and thighs making sure to push the plunger in as you pull the needle out.

Mix equal parts chicken rub and rib rub and rub outside of turkey. Don’t worry if the rub comes off, put the majority of it into the cavity and neck of the turkey. Will be about 3 c.

Grill over indirect heat. Sit back and relax. Cooking time varies, typically it is 25 minutes per pound at 250. Make sure internal temperature is 165 degrees.